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Chris Dietrich brings artistic expression to commercial graphic design. As owner and art director of Watertable Creative, Chris has used his extensive background in art, art history, graphic design, and marketing in his work, play, and expressions of ideas.


At it's purest form, art is a mark. A gesture that comes from perspective and ability which manifests itself uniquely through the hands, voice, or energies of the artist and conveys meaning for others to see, hear, touch or taste. Through graphic design - and in particular logo development - Chris focusses meaning through symbols, color, and typography to create the essence of a mark that now represents something new - like the symbol for a town, a product, or a cause.


While usually of a commercial nature, marketing too can be the manifestation of art through message brought to a new awareness - although one that typically serves the causes of others and not the internal ideas of the artist himself. The manner in which we play with existing ideas, concepts, words, and perceptions that surround us in the world make a marketer just as much an artist as a painter or sculptor, singer or actor. We try to express something, change the viewer's ideas, or open them to another potential. But our motives are surely different and probably less personal.


With over 20 years of experience in commercial graphic design for some of the largest corporations on the planet (and some pretty wonderful small businesses right here in town), Chris uses his artistic skills in whatever needs to be made next. Take for instance this website! How about a ring for his lovely wife, a bed for his family, a garden gate for the back 40? From the small sketches to the big creations, aesthetic and functional expressions are given for love and money - striking the balance is the art of life.

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Location: Media, PA 19063

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