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Anne Marie Palita

Summary : Photography enables me to better perceive and interpret how I experience the world around me, and to truly see the colors, shapes, textures, and patterns that can be found everywhere. It also allows me to share the sense of [...]
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Location: Rose Valley, PA 19063

Carol Pascale

Summary : Carol is a painter in oil and watercolor and draws with colored pencil, ink, graphite and charcoal.
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Location: Media, PA, 19063

Tom Rupnicki

Summary : NightOrbs™ magically transform outdoor space with the beauty and glow of hand-blown glass. These distinctive low voltage illuminators blend function and artistry to create enchanting lighting for landscape or water features, and serve as distinctive garden accents.
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Location: Media, PA 19063

José Sevillano

Summary : I am an amateur photographer that is interested in all forms of art, from literature to music and painting. Photography is my passion and I have persued it as such with an open eye and mind. Currently, [...]
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Location: Wallingford, PA 19086