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August 17, 2012 (MEDIA, PA) – For teens the movie experience is usually in front of the big screen with a box of popcorn and the latest summer blockbuster. A new program from The Media Arts Council and Media Youth Center offers high school students the opportunity to get behind the camera and create their own films with the help of an award-winning director. The Media Youth Film Initiative, MyFi, is a 10 week course to be held at the Media Youth Center, in which students will do the storytelling and learn the basic craft of filmmaking. Teens will get hands-on experience as part of a film crew and be taught the technical skills of lighting, cinematography and sound and as well as the more creative aspects of making movies like screenplay writing, directing, editing and acting.

Mentor for the MyFi program is Hezekiah Lewis, an Assistant Professor of Communication at Villanova University. A graduate of UCLA’s prestigious film school, Lewis lists among his credits the Abraham Polonski Award for Excellence in Screenwriting. With a professional background as a producer, director, screenwriter and actor, Lewis is ready to guide his students to develop the stories they want to tell, “It’s all about finding your voice as a filmmaker. What do you want to say about your experience as a human being and what kind of message do you want to put out there in the world? Film offers young people a chance to express themselves in a visual medium.”

MyFi is a collaboration of the Media Arts Council (MAC) and the Media Youth Center and is the only program of its kind in Delaware County. Tuition is $225.00 and there are scholarships available. According to Judy Fowler, MAC Executive Director, “We wanted to offer kids a unique experience with the art of film and are offering generous scholarships because the arts should be available to all.” Classes meet Wednesdays from 4:00 to 6:00 PM at the Media Youth Center, September 19th through December 5th 2012. To register please contact the Media Youth Center at (610) 566 5877 or visit

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