2nd Saturday | Participation

The Media Arts Council proudly coordinates this free monthly arts event. We encourage businesses and organizations in downtown Media to provide venues for local artists to exhibit and perform in order to increase the cultural interactions in the business district – enhancing the overall energy for our citizens and visitors alike.

By creating a new and unique experience in or near your store, you simultaneously bring awareness to the artist and business, visitors have more reasons to revisit familiar areas of town for something new, spend more time near your offerings, and are reminded of your commitment to the arts in the Media Community.

Become a 2nd Saturday Participating Business or Non-profit

2nd Saturdays are fun opportunities for everyone to get involved. With that said, businesses, artists, and attendees alike have different expectations of the event. Building cooperation and fostering a better understanding of these expectations can really help smooth out the process. Except where indicated, these are guidelines; artists and businesses must negotiate their own arrangements and convey these plans in a timely manner to the 2nd Saturday Coordinators as needed.

Participating Businesses

  1. 1. Read and understand the Overview and Guidelines. If you have any questions, please email our 2nd Saturday Coordinator.
  2. 2. Contact us if you want to be a new business. Email our 2nd Saturday Coordinator to be added to our email list. For participation in the March to February 2nd Saturday year, we ask for a donation of $180 from participating businesses and $90 from participating non profits. New businesses that join during the year can be included in the monthly events and their fee can be prorated as needed, however, new map numbers are not possible until the end of the event calendar year.
  3. 3. Reply to our emails. We coordinate 2nd Saturday via emails, which is by far the easiest way for us to communicate with over 50 participating businesses! We try to limit the amount of communications we send, but if a request is made, your prompt response is necessary to keep the event on track each month.
  4. 4. Select an artist:FOR VISUAL ART, please visit our M.A.C. Artists Registry and think about which artists you might like to have exhibit in your store. Artists are often busy or booked with other exhibits, so you may not get your first choice. Feel free to contact them directly to discuss their time availability, size and options of works and any other exhibit requirements they might have. Or, please email our Artist Coordinator for help with choosing an artist or with any other questions you may have.FOR PERFORMING ART, we strongly recommend that businesses coordinate their performances, musical or otherwise, directly with the artists – preferably from our Registry Artist List. The greater variety of artists we have to choose from each month, the more unique we can make each 2nd Saturday!
  5. 5. Email us with your information. Very important! Once you have scheduled your Artist/s, you must email the name and description of the event to the 2nd Saturday Coordinator before the deadline to be included on the 2nd Saturday map. The deadline is always two Fridays (15 days) before 2nd Saturday. No exceptions.
  6. 6. Help us advertise your event and the entire 2nd Saturday Arts Stroll. Prominently display our poster, hand out our postcards, and resend or forward our email releases to your own email list and friends!
  7. 7. Be open and ready on 2nd Saturday, 6:00-9:00 pm. We recommend putting out some sort of refreshment to create a welcoming and festive atmosphere, and keep people returning! It does not have to be anything fancy; juice and cookies, wine and cheese, water and pretzels are all great!
  8. 8. Be respectful of artists and their artwork or performance. Please do what you can to protect displayed artwork from disrespectful patrons. Do not allow patrons to lean against, move, or otherwise risk damage to artwork. For musicians, please coordinate with them on required or available space and encourage your guests to tip the musicians when appropriate. Artists are not employees. They want to be recognized, sell art, and be promoted. Musicians are usually paid for their live performances so their involvement may be seen as pro bono. They want to entertain, be heard, and hopefully tipped and hired again.
  9. 9. Plan in advance. When one 2nd Saturday has passed, select the next artist for the next two months out. This gives plenty of time to arrange the details with everyone involved.
  10. 10. Provide constructive feedback. If there are any issues on or before the night of the event that you cannot resolve directly with artists you have used or that we have helped place, please contact our Artist Coordinator or Music Coordinator. If the appropriate person cannot be reached, then please contact the 2nd Saturday Coordinator to discuss the issue.
Our use of “artist” includes someone who produces visual art, live music, poetry, storytelling, dance, theatre, film and more. The M.A.C. Artist Registry is the primary source for artwork, live music, and all art forms to be chosen for 2nd Saturday. M.A.C. Registry Artists should be the first to be considered for these activities. By using the Artist Registry, M.A.C. can help, when requested, to match businesses with artists. If you have a personal connection to a non-registry artist, we encourage them to register before or after their 2nd Saturday involvement. We also encourage businesses to “think out of the box” and even team up with others to create more impactful art-related activities. Once a match is made, it is the responsibility of the Artist and Business to coordinate the details.

Participating Artists

  1. 1. Register as a M.A.C. Registry Artist. We encourage all artists who participate in 2nd Saturdays to visit our Artist Registry page, fill out the form, and send in the nominal fee that will provide you with many benefits. Most importantly, it gives local businesses quicker access to your information to further promote your work.
  2. 2. Provide us with samples of your work. Through the Artist Registry businesses and potential buyers alike can view or listen to your work and contact you for placement.
  3. 3. Once you are contacted, please work patiently with the business or organization to coordinate your efforts. Exchange contact information and schedule setup time, location for art to be hung, options for display (including nail or hanger specifics), duration of exhibit, schedule of breakdown and times to be present or not.
  4. 4. Installation or setup is the responsibility of the artist. The artists should provide any hanging or display supplies needed unless the business has a preferred method already installed or available for use. Artists should accomodate varying business schedules to minimize impact on the business’s operating schedule or their customers. Musicians should work with the business to determine the appropriate location and volume for their performance, as well as location of CD/merchandise and tip jar for additional tips (that go directly to the artist unless payment is previously negotiated). 2nd Saturday performances are not allowed amplification that will transcend the front doors (or upper stories) of the establishment.
  5. 5. Coordinate and ensure a safe performance or display. Artists and businesses should recognize the potential for damage to the property of either (or both), or 2nd Saturday guests and should determine what, if any, insurance may be available to cover any damage. Neither M.A.C. nor any affiliated agency or individual carries insurance for art displayed or performances at 2nd Saturday. The Media Arts Council is not responsible for individual artist cancellations or closed business locations.
  6. 6. Be courteous and flexible with your host business. Many businesses are not used to coordinating guest artists or performers and are typically used to managing paid employees. Keep in mind that their primary focus is the experience of their customers and the perfromance of their own staff. Your professional coordination with your host and positive interaction and support of their goals will go a long way to creating a beneficial environment for both parties.
  7. 7. At the end of the night, confirm the completion and breakdown of the event and thank them for their support.
  8. 8. Provide constructive feedback. If there are any issues on or before the night of the event that you cannot resolve directly with the business owner, please contact our Artist or Music Coordinator. If the appropriate person cannot be reached, then please contact the 2nd Saturday Coordinator to discuss the issue.

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In case of conflict, problems, or emergencies.
With any and all situations arrising on 2nd Saturdays, please use your own judegment on how to handle a mishap, conflict, or accident. The following list may serve as a guide to parties that should be notified:

Inside of businesses or directly in-front of business. Please contact the business owner or staff member in charge. They may or may not have the authority to act upon or provide solutions for the situation, but should be addressedin a cooperative manner.

Street-related or unattended sidewalks are the collective responsability of the MBA, the Borough Government and may require the police, highway department or Borough sanitation.

Borough Hall, Media Community Center, Library, and other municipal facilities are managed by Borough Hall and possibly the police department.

Street closures must be applied for in advance and are accompanied by a street closure fee and policy. Depending on the block(s) involved, notification with the Media or State Police or the County Sherriff’s Department may be required.

Unauthorized art, music, performance, or assembly should be addressed to any 2nd Saturday Coordinator or representative of the Media Arts Council at least two weeks pror to the event. We encourage a variety of participations, but as the coordinating organization, we require that all events be pre-scheduled so that we can notify all parties involved and include your activity on our map which is published in advance.

2nd Saturday is a family-friendly event. If any business or artist knows their content will not be kid-friendly, they must notify us immediately after the placement is made so that we can indicate this on the map. Artists or businesses that fail to alert M.A.C. to adult-only content may be barred from future M.A.C. events.