Media Youth Film Initiative

MyFi Spring Session Starts Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hezekiah Lewis
Darryl Ridgeway

Cost: $175, 10 weeks
Location: Media Youth Center
Wednesdays: 6-8pm
Registration: click HERE

Pay Online:

MyFi is a film production class for high school students that combines the ageless art of story telling with film. In small groups of 6-8, participants work collaboratively to form a production crew, learning:

  • screenplay writing
  • acting
  • directing
  • camera operation
  • set lighting
  • sound
  • film editing

    “Filmmakers are essentially storytellers and I believe every kid has a compelling story to share with the world”.  – Hezekiah Lewis


MyFi is a partnership between the Media Arts Council and the Media Youth Center. MyFi instructor, local filmmaker, and Professor of Communications at Villanova University, Hezekiah Lewis and Darryl Ridgeway, vice president of BOWSTRING STUDIOS and CEO of Blue Diamond Entertainment Group, work with students.

For more information contact the Media Arts Council 484.445.4161