Strategic Plan 2013-14


The Media Arts Council: Inspiring and Cultivating the Arts in Our Community



The Art We’re Making, The Future We’re Creating

Art has the uniquely transformative power to bring people together, inspire fresh perspectives, teach new skills and create places that are welcoming and unique. MAC’s accomplishments are a remarkable testament to the creative vision and hard work of our volunteers, the support of our donors and the community dynamism that makes Media an exciting place to call home:

  • Establishing Media as a destination with vibrant arts events
  • Helping stimulate a flourishing retail and dining scene by doubling foot traffic on State Street during monthly MAC’s 2nd Saturday Arts Stroll
  • Exhibiting work from over 700 visual artists and staging performances by 500 musicians on 2nd Saturdays
  • Showcasing the work of local, national and international filmmakers at the Media Film Festival, now at the historic Media Theater
  • Teaching area teens the craft of filmmaking as part of the “MyFi” (Media Youth Film Initiative) classes and screening their work at the Media Film Festival
  • Offering an Artists Registry on our website as a dedicated home for artists to display and discuss their work
  • Presenting an annual exhibition of iconic images of our community from the eyes of photographers with the Media ICONS Photography Contest
  • Honoring outstanding area artists and patrons of the arts with the Arts Awards—Icons of Media
  • Conceiving and organizing Media’s Bastille Day festivities drawing thousands of people to Media for a celebration of freedom and the arts
Attracting Artists, Building Audiences

MAC’s signature events are attracting more artists and bigger audiences. Along with this growth came a need to map out a clear direction for the future so we can expand and strengthen our current programs and initiate new ones. Over a period of several months MAC created a Strategic Plan defining our mission, values and goals.

SUPPORTING ARTISTS – We look forward to growing our diverse family of MAC artists, which now includes performers, musicians, designers, writers, filmmakers, photographers and visual artists of all sorts. We are exploring greater opportunities for them to show and sell their work. It is essential for artists to have their work seen, experienced and appreciated by others. At the same time people are drawn to art perhaps because it symbolizes that which is universal, yet so rare. MAC is working to find new ways to bring artists and their admirers together.

CREATING PUBLIC ART – Art displayed in public spaces opens us to a new realm of possibility, creates joy and provokes thought. It can become a source of civic pride adding to the daily pleasure of residents and visitors alike. If you enjoyed the Plum Street Mosaic Mural “Handle with Care” or were part of the excitement generated by our 2 story, wooden Eiffel Tower sculpture at Bastille Day you likely understand why MAC wants to bring more art to public spaces. Working with Media Borough, MAC has developed a Public Arts Policy to oversee the approval and installation of new pieces of public art and help to secure the grants to make this possible. We look forward to presenting the first exhibit of public art in the coming year.

PROVIDING EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS – At the heart of our mission is integrating the arts into the life of the community. Arts education is one of the most effective ways to do this. 2nd Saturday children’s art activities, Media Film Festival workshops and architectural walking tours of Media were among our first educational offerings.

The Media Youth Film Initiative (MyFi) is a film class for high school students in collaboration with the Media Youth Center, which has received praise from students, parents and the community and has produced thoughtful and well executed films. 25% of students receive scholarships funded by individual donors, the MYC and MAC. MyFi will be expanding to include an advanced filmmaking class and an intensive course during the summer.

We are dreaming big. We know where we want to go as an organization and are excited to share this vision with our friends and neighbors. First and perhaps most important is a permanent home for MAC; a dedicated space where we can pursue our ambitious goals, grow our programs and become more financially secure.

Imagine what a home for MAC could mean:

  • A permanent gallery where artists exhibit and sell their work, musicians, dancers and actors perform and where we can enjoy experiencing their art
  • Classrooms for children, teens and adults to have “hands-on” art experiences, painting and mosaics, photography, dance filmmaking and poetry writing,
  • A place for fun events to help us recognize and appreciate a variety of art forms
  • Gathering area for artists to create, collaborate, and continue their education
  • Rentable event space for the community to use for private parties surrounded by exciting art, generating an important revenue stream for MAC
  • A meeting room for the many devoted volunteers who manage aspects of MAC programming and fund raising
  • An office for MAC staff to write grants, oversee events and plan for the future

Finding a permanent home for MAC is admittedly a big concept and one that requires heart, vision and ideally, community-wide commitment. We are asking you to give generously to help us actualize this dream. If you have supported us in the past we are grateful for your continued support. Your donation will help us find a home, fund exciting arts events, help artists present their work, purchase public art, expand educational programs and provide scholarships for deserving students. Please help us create a bright, culturally rich future for our community.


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