2021 Fall Fright Fest

2021 Media Fright Fest – October 16 (Live), October 17-31 (Virtual)

October is quickly approaching and that means we will soon feel the crisp fall breeze, view beautiful autumn foliage, see pumpkin spice delicacies everywhere, and rejoice in the macabre delights of Halloween! To celebrate the season, the Media Fright Fest is presenting the 2021 Fall Media Fright Fest on October 16. This year’s event will include a double feature, vendors, entertainment, and will be available for online streaming for those unable to attend in person.

Media Fright Fest’s purpose is to showcase and celebrate independent horror. The 2021 Fall Media Fright Fest event will be a double feature of both short horror films and a feature film, Massacre Academy, which will be having its Philadelphia area premiere. The first part will include 13 curated independent short horror films from seven different countries (Australia, Canada, Germany, Iran, Italy, Wales, and United States). Various horror genres will be represented, such as psychological horror, serial killers, vampires, zombies, and more. Media Film Festival Program Director, Tamme McClelland says she “loves the fact that we get films from all over the world and enjoys the opportunity to meet directors, casts, and crews that attend.”

This event will have two filmmakers in attendance. McClain Lindquist (Tell Tale Heart) is a first-time filmmaker, musician, and mortician from Utah. Lindquist’s position as a mortician gave him a unique viewpoint on life and death. Lindquist states “This intense movie was an undertaking and helped me to release buried emotions and compartmentalized grief.” Mark Cantu (Massacre Academy) is a Pittsburgh filmmaker and will be joined by some of the cast members. Cantu started with action feature films and has now moved into horror-comedies shot exclusively in Pittsburgh. Massacre Academy is his first horror feature.

Karen Chiarini, Media Fright Fest Co-Chair, is excited to be a part of the first vendor showcase for the Media Fright Fest. Chiarini says, “Being a regular horror/film festival convention goer, one of the highlights is meeting all the vendors and we wanted to bring that experience to our event.” Vendors will be selling a variety of products, such as original artwork, clothing/accessories, bath/body products, and more. A psychic medium will also be in attendance. This portion of the event is free to the public from 4-7 p.m. Other entertainment will also be available with a DJ, raffle tickets, and concession stand.

As the Media Fright Fest continues to grow each year, Co-Chair, Lisa Pietras says, “I’m excited to see Fright Fest be a stand-alone event. So many great films have been submitted and it’s wonderful to see the filmmaker’s excitement about being screened at Media Fright Fest.”

This event will have COVID-19 precautions in place to ensure a safe environment for all attendees. Masking will be required for everyone no matter their vaccine status.

Tickets are $25 for both the in-person and virtual and are available at MediaFilmFestival.org.

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