April 2015 Exhibition: Laura Ducceschi, Matiko Mamaladze and Jose Sevillano

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Exhibit Details:
April Opening Reception
Saturday, April 11, 2015 4-6pm
Exhibit: 4/9/2015-5/2/2015
Thursdays & Fridays 2-5pm, Saturdays 11am-2pm

Laura Ducceschi, Matiko Mamaladze and Jose Sevillano, two photographers and a painter, are well known as innovative artists with a powerful sense of the beauty of life.
DucceschiMorningSunBrillLaura Ducceschi photographs colorful sunrises, morning mist and sunlight filtering through leaves. She captures the brilliance, exuberance and adventure of life. She is on the faculty at the Wayne Art Center. It brings her joy to share her view of our world through her photography.


Matiko is an extremely gifted artist whose work is universally loved. Her works are enchanting on many levels; depicting beautiful, emotionally vivid stories, played out by malamadezcharacters “Different things inspire me,” says Matiko, -“people, nature, mood or simple everyday events.” Matiko’s work is figurative and centers on subjects, which she finds unique and interesting.


joseJose Sevillano’s photography has taught him to see. Finding the lines, repetitions, colors and shapes is both exciting and fun. In an urban setting he gains glimpses of the human condition. In the outdoors he seeks to create connections between what he sees and feels.  From street photography to nature shots the image he creates reflect his innermost state of mind.

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