April 2018 Exhibition: A Stable Genius

M.A.C. Team 2nd Saturday, 2nd Saturday 2018, Exhibit News

Opening Reception:
Saturday, April 14th

Exhibit Dates:
April 12th – May 5th

Media Arts Center & Gallery
609-B w. State St. Media, PA
Thursday – Saturday, 4-7pm

The most important trend impacting American culture today is arguably the increase in political polarization.  It was only a matter of time until artists weighed in on this division.  The Media Arts Council presents an A Stable Genius, a two person exhibition, featuring works on paper by New York painter Alex Gingrow, and small murals by Philadelphia installation artist Joe Boruchow. They were both inspired to express their feelings about the presidency of Donald Trump which seems to have propelled many of us to our respective corners.

Alex Gingrow was not alone in her shock over the release, in October 2016, of the Access Hollywood tape in which Donald Trump is overheard bragging about his sexual prowess and proclivities toward women.  Less than one month later, Trump was elected to office.  Gingrow chose to respond to what she calls “this dark abscess in American history” by cementing Trump’s braggadocio into artworks.

Gingrow uses Trumps’ own words presented in a small, almost square format, reminiscent of a meme. The meme, according to the artist, evokes not only the digital era in which we are living, but also the false information spread across multiple digital platforms that directly contributed to Trump’s wave of support. “I want the horror of the words to fully wash over the viewer before they realize that the mouth that spoke those ills is currently occupying time in the Oval Office.”

From thumbnail sketches, to more detailed studies on paper, Joe Boruchow develops black and white cut-outs that present his abstract narrative of the politics of the current administration.  These images, connected with one line, are blown up for large-scale installations and murals.  Whether they are shown beside an elevated highway, in a strip mall, or a in a busy, Center City pizza restaurant, these works reflect surreal stories that engage audiences.  “Through my work I want people to enter a black and white world that pulses with mystery and reflects their subconscious”, says Burochow.

“A Stable Genius” is an exhibition curated by Dana Crossan.  The Opening Reception is Saturday April 14, 2018 4-7pm at the MAC Gallery 605-B W. State Street, Media, PA 19063.  Admission is free.  For Gallery hours or more information about MAC and its programs visit www.mediaartscouncil.org

Works of art on display in “A Stable Genius” may be considered distasteful by some individuals. Parents should exercise judgement in bringing their children to this exhibition. MAC exhibits these works not to endorse the vision, ideas, and opinions of the artists, but to uphold the right of all to experience diverse visions and views.