September 2016: Mamaladze & Sevillano Exhibit

M.A.C. Team 2nd Saturday, 2nd Saturday 2016, Exhibits

Opening Reception:
Saturday, September  10th

Exhibit Dates:
September 8th – October 1st
Thursday – Saturday, 4-7pm

Matiko Mamaladze creates art. She also teaches it, feels it, breathes it, dreams it, and finds herself in it Her works are enchanting on many levels; they depict beautiful, emotionally vivid stories, played out by characters that masterfully draw empathy from the viewer. Even when she isn’t holding a palette and brush (or just as often, a palette knife), Matiko is immersed in her unique perception of the world – a perception that almost always finds its way onto her canvases.  Matiko’s work is figurative and centers on subjects, which she finds unique and interesting.

“I try to express their internal nature, using colors and emotional line, avoiding a simple copy, and the feeling born within the painting is of primary importance for me.”


Jose Sevillano 

“Photography has taught me to see.  Lines, repetitions, colors and shapes, they all get sifted through my eyes into my head and back out onto film paper or a digital screen. Chasing the ‘moment’ is fulfilling, chasing the light is both exciting and fun.  I recently visited Cuba.  While on the streets of Havana I tried to gain glimpses of everyday life, faces and the human condition there. In the countryside I sought to create connections between what I saw and my feelings at the time.  From street photography to nature shots the image I create is a reflection of my innermost state of mind.”