The year that was for M.A.C.

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This has been an amazing year for the arts in Media. Many people have come together with time, ideas, energy and funding to support the Media Arts Council as we bring the arts to the community. The Media Arts Council’s mission is to support local artists and integrate a wide variety of arts into the life of the community. I feel we have had a wonderfully successful year in carrying out our mission. Seeing families, friends and couples at 2nd Saturday every month enjoying the works of local artists and musicians is M.A.C. in action. Feeling the excitement of the audience as they settle down to watch a local film come onto the screen at the Media Film Festival is M.A.C. bring amazing films to Media. Viewing Media ICONS Photography Show with its variety of images of Media is seeing M.A.C. in action. Feeling the joy of people dancing in the street at the Bastille Day Celebration is seeing M.A.C. in action.

As the executive director, it is my privilege to work with dedicated volunteers and board members. Collectively they bring new ideas, energy and enthusiasm to M.A.C. making our events happen. This year we have received donations from over 100 people. These individuals understand the importance of M.A.C. to the community and like our volunteers and board members are donating to M.A.C. so it may continue to bring the arts to all our lives.

Thank you to all who enrich our community with art. We wish everyone a healthy and happy New Year.

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