12th Annual Media Film Festival

Caitlin McMahon Media Film Festival

April 4th – 6th
Media Theater
104 E. State Street

The Media Film Festival feature short (5-40 mins) and short-short (<5mins) films from multiple genres, including narrative, documentary, horror, and experimental.

Independent films from international, national, and local filmmakers. 

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For more details visit mediafilmfestival.org 

Festival Schedule

7:00pm—Evening Showing

Two Birds (12:30, USA) Media Youth Film Initiative
The Ghost and the Writer (14:00, USA) Comedy
Why We Fight (8:59, USA) Documentary
Highway Tea (2:28, USA) Comedy
Cycle (14:07, USA) Drama
Justin Geller — Thought It Would Be a Good Story (6:16, USA) Documentary
Utopia (16:11, Iran) DramaINTERMISSIONBroccoli (3:30, Germany) Comedy
The Custer Wolf (9:44, USA) Animation/Puppetry
The Mayor of Graterford (40:00, USA) Documentary Filmmaker Q&A

Friday April 5th, 2019

7:00pm—Evening Showing

Closeted (9:35, USA) Media Youth Film Initiative
Internally You (3:46, USA) Media Youth Film Initiative
Ivan (9:24, Greece) Drama/Satire
Going Forward (15:00, USA) Documentary
9862 (11:33, United Kingdom) Thriller
Hooked (4:50, USA) Animation
Ways to Look at the Moon (17:09, USA) Drama INTERMISSION

The Curse (7:30, USA) Drama
The Amazon (13:32, France) Drama
Sac de Merde (13:27, USA) Romantic Comedy
Waiting for Hope (3:38, USA) Comedy
Nevada (15:00, Spain) DramaFilmmaker Q&A

10:30pm—Horror Fest

Zebra (4:45, Australia) Horror
The Helping Hand (10:00, USA) Horror
Striges (5:54, USA) Horror
Vonnis (8:35, Belguim) Horror
One Dark Night (18:36, USA) Horror
The Peephole (8:05, Mexico) Horror
I Am Not a Monster (17:00, Ireland) Horror
Burn Time (6:67, New Zealand) Horror

Saturday April 6th, 2019

1:00pm—Matinee Showing

Bella’s Journey (3:19, USA) Animation
Due Process (8:00, USA) Drama
Fishnet and the Fish (8:37, Iran) Drama
Spark (16:00, USA) Drama
Who Said You Can’t Dance (11:43, USA) Documentary
Redcoats (18:49, USA) Drama


Runo (4:22, Canada) Animation
OK Grey (8:57, USA) Comedy
Insurance Can be Sometimes a Dangerous Game (16:50, France) Thriller
Wonderwall (7:00, Ukraine) Romantic Drama
Core (18:55, USA) Drama

7:00pm—Evening Showing

Acceptance (9:43, USA) Media Youth Film Initiative
Can Dolls Be My Neighbor (3:48, USA) Documentary
Little Fig (19:00, USA) Documentary
Radio Moon (17:09, France) Drama
The Five Minutes (9:06, USA) Drama
Swimming (15:00, United Kingdom) Comedy INTERMISSION

Kitchen Sink Classic (3:00, USA) Comedy
Are You Volleyball?! (15:00, Iran) Drama
The Replacement (15:00, USA) Sci-Fi
Still Life (1:42, USA) Animation
The Last Well (20:00, Croatia) Dystopian  Filmmaker Q&A