Art Sisters Exhibition

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During the month of January the Media Arts Center & Gallery will exhibit artwork by the Art Sisters. The Art Sisters’ body of work includes photography, graphic design, body art, portraiture, and abstract art.  Art Sisters – a Philadelphia-based trio of women including Shanina Dionna, Nebulus Flair, and Ameerah K. Art, who create art inspired by personal experiences and the inspiration received from one another. This will be their 3rd art show together; with work previously shown at the Urban Art Gallery (2013) and the Goldilocks Gallery (2014) in Philadelphia.

art sisters flyer


The Art Sister’s exhibition will add to the diversity of the artwork that has been featured at the Media Arts Center & Gallery since its opening this past summer. In a brief discussion about the artwork of the Art Sisters, one of the artists describes their collection as not intentionally African-American art, but an expression of art done by African American women deeply rooted in their culture & heritage and cognizant of their lived experiences.