Artist in Residence: Creating Art, Connecting Communities

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Artist in Residence: Creating Art, Connecting Communities

Please Touch Museum (PTM) requests proposals to conceive, develop, implement, and install works of art, and lead family workshops, as part of an Artist-in-Residence program.  Artwork will be displayed in an upcoming exhibit:  America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far.  Two residencies are available, dates outlined below – please indicate your first choice in the application.

Project Overview

Please Touch Museum will host and customize America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far, a vibrant exhibition celebrating the diversity of modern and historic Muslim communities, with customized exhibit components including contemporary works of art, to highlight Philadelphia’s Muslim communities. Please Touch Museum will host this exhibit from February 2 through September 2, 2019.

The Artists-in-Residence will:

Be immersed in collaborative work with local Muslim communities and visitors at PTM;  Engage in an artistic process informed by their own artmaking as well as the voices of local Muslim communities; Incorporate stories from Muslim families into final artwork, exploring issues tied to exhibition themes such as home, immigration, race, religion, identity, family, and tradition; Engage in collaborative, community-based artmaking with a variety of families; and Create art that is broadly accessible and engaging to both children and adults, and will spark curiosity and rich, multigenerational conversations.

Through an RFP process, artists will be selected based on the following criteria:

Artistic excellence; Proven track record of working in community settings on collaborative art projects; and Demonstrated knowledge of the diverse Muslim populations in Philadelphia.

Success of the Residency will primarily be determined by results in two areas:

The ability to engage diverse Muslim communities in collaborative artmaking with the Artist-in-Residence, resulting in final, high quality art objects displayed in the exhibition that thoughtfully and accurately reflect the city’s diverse Muslim voices; and, The ability to reach individuals and communities that might otherwise not visit PTM, serving as one of the Museum’s outreach initiatives to disseminate information, generate interest, and encourage visitation to the Museum for the exhibition.

Scope of Work

Please Touch Museum seeks an emerging artist to develop and execute a plan for creating a high-quality work of art, as described in section III.  The work of art will be created over a period of four (4) months, and will be a collaborative process with community-based organizations as well as PTM staff.  The artist, with PTM staff, will identify community groups and will propose the collaborative process for creating works of art with selected organizations and individuals.  Works of art will be installed in the America to Zanzibar exhibit or adjacent PTM gallery.  After completing the work, three hands-on, artmaking workshops with families at Please Touch Museum during the exhibition.

All content must be appropriate for children age nine and under. Works of art must be developed, in part, in collaboration with community-based organizations. We seek proposals for projects that align with broad themes explored in the exhibition: family, community, home, acceptance, ritual, and/or travel.   We seek artists who have a strong interest in, and experience with, developing projects with community-based organizations that incorporate a range of voices and stories into their final works of art.  We want to share high-quality works of art with our visitors, ones that reflect the variety of Muslim communities in the city, and we look to the storytelling capacity and power of art to help us do this.  We are open to discussions with artists about the medium and size of the work proposed and want to utilize the creative vision that each artist has for this project rather than determining specifics in advance.

Project Timeline

The Artist in Residence project will span 5 months from start date to installation.

During the first month of the residency, the artist will work with PTM staff to determine project specifics and all logistics. Starting in month two of the residency, the artist will begin working directly with community groups, which will continue in month three.  In months four and five, the artist will be in the process of creating the final work, and preparing to install the work at the end of month five.  Culminating workshops will be facilitated with PTM public visitors during the run of the exhibition.

The final work(s) of art will be on view in the exhibit from February – September of 2019.  At the conclusion of the exhibit, the artist will de-install the work.


Residency 1

·       March 2, 2018: Residency begins

·       May 16, 2016:  Mid-Residency progress report

·       July 3, 2018: Residence concludes

·       Week of January 21, 2019:  installation of work

·       February – August 2019: 3 45-minute public workshops at PTM, dates TBD jointly between Museum staff and Artist

·       September 2019: Artwork deinstallation

Residency 2

·       August 3, 2018:  Residency begins

·       October 5, 2018:  Mid-Residency progress report

·       December 7, 2018:  Residency concludes

·       Week of January 21, 2019: installation of work

·       February – August 2019: 3 45-minute public workshops at PTM, dates TBD jointly between Museum staff and Artist

·       September 2019: Artwork deinstallation

Please Touch Museum Artist-in-Residence RFP


To Apply

Proposal Requirements

Please follow the below guidelines for submission:

Include images of prior relevant work from portfolio Email applications to Jennifer Kalter, Director of Education: email hidden; JavaScript is required In addition to emailed applications, please also provide two (2) copies of the written proposal with any related images.  All pages must be on plain, letter-sized, regular weight paper (8.5 x 11). All pages must be typed in 10-point font or larger with 1.5 inch spacing and at least one-inch margins. Proposals should be portrait orientation and not landscape. Please make sure to number each page and include a header or footer with the applicant’s name and contact information on each one. All proposals will be kept by PTM and not returned to the applicant; please do not submit additional materials that cannot be kept.

Proposal Deadline:

Tuesday, January 5, 2018 at 5:00 pm.  Proposals received after this time will not be reviewed.

Delivery: The deadline is for arrival of the proposal at the site, not for a postmark date.

Notification and Installation Dates:

Applicants Notified of Decision Via Email By: Friday, February 2, 2018

Honorarium:  $12,000

Supplies/Materials Stipend:  $3,000

Initial Payment : 25% of stipend, subject to signed letter of agreement; 25% of stipend mid-way through residency; 25% of stipend upon completion of project; 25% of stipend upon completion of final family workshop



Contact Information:

Please direct all submissions, and any questions to:

Jennifer Kalter, Director of Education

Please Touch Museum

4231 Avenue of the Republic

Philadelphia, PA 119131

T: 215.578.5133

E: email hidden; JavaScript is required