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Chris Quimby: Oil Painter

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Chris Quimby: Oil Painter
The Ugliest Tree in Pennsylvania.jpg
Quimby_C_Duck Pond_1.jpg
Quimby_C_Hudson River_1.jpg
Media Bridge
Iron Bridge
Green Still Life with Flowers
Iron Bridge in Spring
Warm Light in Cornwall.jpg

Of all the disciplines, creating plein air paintings is the most exciting to me. The difficulty of rapidly translating to pigment what is briefly observed while enduring the elements is daunting, but there is nothing more rewarding. I paint ”abstract realism,” which I describe as accurately rendering shapes and values in a painterly style that seeks to suggest to the viewer, rather than specifically defining, the effect of light on each object in the landscape.

My technical approach to painting is grounded in the prismatic palette. Though organized and colorful, I disregard hue as the primary driver of success. Rather, success is achieved by unity of composition founded in drawing and value manipulation. With those relationships established, I then shift focus to bravura brushwork and subtle drama. My ultimate goal is to indicate the incredible nature of forms emerging from the deepest shadow to the brightest highlight.



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Contact Address: 35 East 4th Street, 2B, Media, PA 10963
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