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Emily Geddes
Burlap and Bean Exhibit
Gryphon Cafe Exhibit
Hot Pink Gerbera, 2006
Marple Sunset, 2010

As a person and as a photographer, I really like to laugh and smile. I strive to portray this positive attitude with vivid colors and bright composition in my photography. I’m a self-taught photographer and continue to grow with each photograph. It’s a wonderful journey of study and experimentation.

Body of Work "Photographic art capturing the miracles of ordinary life"
As a mother, I enjoy outdoor adventures with my three children, even if only in our own backyard garden. Many of my photographs were captured just along the trail of ordinary life, literally in the blink of an eye. When I look at them, in the background I can hear the noise and giggles of childhood, feel the sunshine on my skin and smell the scents of our garden or the sea. Each image evokes a memory. Photography gives me a chance to slow down, breathe and take note of the million tiny miracles surrounding us every day.

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Contact Address: Holmes, PA 19043

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