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Images of Nature and Nature’s Work

I have been a scenic photographer most of my life, but have had no formal art or photography training.

My subjects range from sweeping land- and seascapes, through interpretations of mechanical and architectural forms and patterns, to intimate close-ups of natural and nature-altered objects. I especially enjoy making photographs of mundane, often unnoticed details, such as the textures and colors on a weather-beaten jetty, and the random litter underfoot on a beach, sidewalk, or forest floor.

I try to capture the ‘sweet’ light surrounding dawn and dusk, the brilliant reflection of sunlight on water and wet sand, the light transmitted through a translucent leaf, the interplay of light and shadow with the textures of an old wooden shed or stone wall, the subtle gradations of shading and color across a scene.

Whether in color or monochrome, my object is to reveal as best I can a small portion of the infinite variety of forms, shapes, colors, textures, fleeting highlights and shadows I find before my camera's lens.

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Contact Address: Media, PA 19063

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