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Shelli McCaffrey is a visual artist and art therapist located in Aston, PA. She has worked with children and adults labeled/with autism and intellectual disabilities since 2007. Early on, in an educational setting, Shelli noticed the natural propensity some students had towards art making and the innate desire to create. Recognizing the power of her own creative process and aspiring to become a better resource for her students and clients, Shelli completed her Masters in Counseling Psychology with an Art Therapy specialization.

"What’s the Use" (the first painting displayed) was the final of a series of similar imagery paintings created throughout Shelli’s art therapy graduate studies. Throughout the series, Shelli was inspired and encouraged by the creative women around her, both art therapy professors, students, and clients. The series became a reflection on “blooming” and growth, with an emphasis on femininity and vulnerability. Much of Shelli’s personal artwork is a retrospect that includes humanistic themes: the idea that all humans have potential, creativity, and hope within them. She believes that by engaging in the creative process, individuals can discover this in themselves and others. To view more of Shelli’s work, please visit

Contact Address: Aston, PA
Phone: 14843211516

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