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Thomas James Caldwell Photography
Early Morning Light at Ridley Creek State Park
Foggy Trail at Valley Forge
Morning Sun at Valley Forge
Dead of Winter at Hildacy Farm
Early Morning Rays in Media
Frozen at Sycamore Mills Dam
Foggy Day at Springton Reservoir
Autumn at Ridley Creek
Picnics Past at Ridley Creek State Park

My interest in photography started during my visit to Yellowstone National Park in 2006. From a Casio point and shoot to my current Pentax DSLR I've continued to be inspired by nature. Whether its a trip to a National Park or a weekly visit to Ridley Creek State Park. I enjoy capturing wildlife, landscapes and historic images. I have no formal training but enjoy the fact that I shoot just for fun.

Besides nature photography I also enjoy shooting abandoned, neglected or forgotten places and things. I also dabble in infrared photography when the opportunity presents itself.

These are some of my local nature shots

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Contact Address: Upper Providence, PA, 19063

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