August 2017 Exhibition: Cain & Crossan

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Opening Reception:
Saturday, August 19th*

Exhibit Dates:
August 10th – September 2nd
Thursday – Saturday, 4-7pm

Media Arts Center & Gallery
609-B w. State St. Media, PA
*note this is the 3rd, not 2nd Saturday


Painting Meets Photography

Whether it’s an urban landscape crumbling over time or layers of fresh paint showing a vibrant history,
these two artists find a solution to satisfy their need to find beauty within every moment of history, tiny
remnant, or anxiety that presents itself. This exhibit will feature new works from painter, Dana Crossan, and photographer, Amelia Cain. The painter and the photographer; two artists, two different
mediums, boldly able to capture images of transient beauty, finding the emotional reflection of their own


Dana Crossan

Crossan’s non-representational abstractions are a layering process that consists of acrylic paint, oil
pastels, pen, pencil and/or charcoal. Layer after layer she paints and writes thoughts about her anxieties
that are around her physically or in dreams. The work stays true to her inner dialogue over time, allowing
us to see an undisclosed fraction of our infinite responses to the complex world around us. She wants to
bring back the life of a true non-representational artist and to prove that the “wow factor” of art isn’t just
about the idea but also the talent of bringing the idea itself to life.



Amelia Cain

Cain’s richness of detail exists everywhere as tiny remnants of attempted permanence. Within the
organic landscape, she is interested in serendipitous moments in which reflections and shadows are cast
like inadvertent paintings. Cain’s current work combines digitally captured images with the cyanotype
process, a 19 th century printing technique. An iron salt emulsion is hand-applied to watercolor paper,
exposed in sunlight, and developed in water.