Become a member of a vibrant artists community.

Members have gallery representation, organize shows and manage the gallery. Co-op artists also participate in an annual 3-person show and are given the opportunity to conduct workshops. *Please note that at this time the Gallery is able to accept only artists who create wall art.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cooperative gallery?

Co-op Art

The Media Arts Council Gallery is an artists’ cooperative gallery, operated by the Media Arts Council for the benefit of the Media Arts Council (MAC), Cooperative members (Co-op), and the community.

Who are the MAC Gallery Artists?

The MAC Gallery Artists are a juried collective of visual artists who operate under the umbrella of The Media Arts Council (MAC). The Gallery Artists benefit MAC, its members, and the community.

How do I join? 

Admission is based on a juried review. Submissions must include:

Where are the Gallery Artists located?

The Media Arts Center & Gallery (609-B West State St., Media)

What exhibitions do Gallery Artists have?

How many members will there be? 

The group ideally consists of 27 members.

What will it cost?

The membership dues are $240.00 annually, due in full at commencement of membership year.

What are the benefits?

What are the responsibilities?

Please note we estimate that the time commitment is eight hours per month for both gallery sitting and committee work

 What is the organizational structure of the Gallery Artists group?

Currently all the artists meet together monthly and discuss everything. The group, as it grows, will be working toward a committee structure. The committees address appropriate issues and bring proposals to the whole group meeting where the proposals are either approved or sent back to committee.  The chair of the whole group meeting is a rotating position of 4 months.

What are the (future) gallery committees and how often do they meet?

 What is the relationship between the Gallery Artists and MAC?

The Media Arts Council oversees the Gallery Artists, providing both personnel and financial support. MAC’s Artist Committee sends a liaison to the Gallery Artists’ monthly meeting and vice versa. The MAC Board approves proposals made by the Gallery Artists before action is taken.

Will MAC take a commission?

The Media Arts Council will take a 25% commission on the sale of all artwork and classes.

 What if a member wishes to resign?

If a member wishes to resign from the Gallery Artists he/she must give two months’ notice.

Grounds for dismissal from the Gallery Artists:

A Co-op member may be dismissed for:

Dues refund policy:

In the event of resignation or dismissal, no refund of any portion of dues will be made.

 Is artwork insured by MAC?

Artists are responsible for insuring their artwork and must sign the Hold Harmless Agreement before installing their work in the gallery. The Media Arts Council will not be responsible for loss or damage of artwork, nor will it carry insurance for individual artists’ works.

Questions or concerns please contact MAC’s Managing Director at