Hopeful Visions by Danzon, Schlenker, and Weismer

Cheryl Schlenker (www.cherylschlenker.com) has been an artist all her life. She has a B.S.in Design,  is a past president of the Philadelphia Watercolor Society, and works in mixed media. She finds that combining the qualities of such media as acrylics, watercolor, pastel, pencil, and collage can enhance the properties of each one. She is drawn to the abstraction of common objects, and enjoys how the use of color and light can bring emotion to everyday subject matter.

A graduate of Moore College of Art and Design, Merle Weismer (http://www.iseearteverywhere.com), our newest gallery artist, holds a BFA in Textile Design. She was a tapestry weaver for 15 years, and then changed her focus to a smaller scale with art to wear neck pieces using unconventional materials. She has years of experience with fashion and home design, and  is a docent at the  Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Weismer includes the use of ordinary or discarded items that can be used to create a unique design to have a new purpose. Color, texture, pattern and humor are incorporated into every piece.

Patricia Danzon (www.patriciadanzonphoto.com) is a photographer who uses the continually evolving capabilities of cameras, processing and printing to express her eclectic vision. She finds that the camera offers opportunities to see the world through new and creative lenses. Her common theme is the use of light, line, texture, color and mood to show the beauty and wonder in our world.  Danzon is also a docent at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

“Hopeful Visions” is the theme for MAC’s Gallery Artists’ February Exhibit. Join Patricia Danzon, Cheryl Schlencker, and Merle Weismer (our newest Gallery Artist) in expressing varied responses to our being confined at home. Frustration and stress are sometimes paralyzing, but the warmth and security of one’s home can also be a foundation for stretching one’s limits, reaching new levels of creativity and seeing brighter times on the horizon. How will this inspiring new work resonate in you?

Show goes live online February 12th on the MediaArtsCouncilGallery.org website.

Live virtual Opening: Second Saturday, February 13, 4 to 5:30pm

To watch the recording of the virtual opening, please click on the video below


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