José Sevillano

Lines, repetitions, colors and shapes, chasing the light with an open eye and mind

José Sevillano


I am a photographer that is interested in all forms of art, from literature to music and painting. I chase the light with an open eye and mind. I admire the photography of such masters as Cartier Bresson and Elliott Erwitt and also contemporary image makers such as Sebastião Salgado and Michael Kenna. 

Photography has taught me to see. Lines, repetitions, colors and shapes, they all get sifted through my eyes into my head and back out onto film paper or a digital screen. Chasing the “moment” is fulfilling, chasing the light is both exciting and fun. In an urban setting the curious observer can gain glimpses of the human condition with a little dedication. In the outdoors the restless eye seeks to create connections between what he/she sees and what he/she feels. From street photography to nature shots the image I create is a reflection of my innermost state of mind. Currently, roughly 50% of my work is analogue, 50% digital.

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