July 2017 Exhibition: Danzon & Mamaladze

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Opening Reception:
Saturday, July 8th

Exhibit Dates:
July 6th – August 5th
Thursday – Saturday, 4-7pm

Media Arts Center & Gallery
609-B w. State St. Media, PA


Matiko Mamaladze

“I want my paintings to be like dreams where everything starts with abstract shapes;
nothing is real and concrete, just like in life, not knowing where it will take you. Sometimes you just watch
something but can’t really see it, you focus on it and the essence starts appearing and you concentrate on it.
Just like life that is full of surprise, taking us to unexpected places, so is my relationship with the canvas. The
process of creation is very meditative for me. Art is a source of my dreams and their realization.”

Patricia Danzon

…a globetrotting photographer, brings the beauty of the world to her work. Her style and
subjects are eclectic. The common theme is use of light, line, color, composition and mood to capture the
extraordinary in everyday scenes close to home and as far afield as India. Her compositions show an
understanding of geometry of architecture and landscape, and invite the viewer to escape into the natural
world or into exotic faraway places.