June 2017 Exhibition: Doran & Sevillano

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Opening Reception:
Saturday, June 10th

Exhibit Dates:
June 8 – July 1
Thursday – Saturday, 4-7pm

Media Arts Center & Gallery
609-B w. State St. Media, PA

“Change is constant; sometimes welcomed, often causing anxiety, but ultimately yielding strength and knowledge, evolution and innovation. My work offers me the power to respond to change. To digest changes in our world, frequently beyond my control. Changes that occur throughout the day, throughout our lives, throughout history can be documented, digested and represented. In one sense my work allows me to make sense of the ebb and flow of life. In another it empowers me to present new possibilities and a fresh/colorful way of looking at things.
Abstraction for me is way to make universal connection, to strip away specifics and reveal the essence of underlying movement. Drawing, photography and digital media provide strong influences.  It is my place of play where thoughts can germinate and spring. There is a strong reference in my work to both landscape and the human form. Opening and closing, moving, whimsically or fighting through chaos, reference to our cyclical lives.
We are a people of hope, drawn to create, to innovate…seeking a better way. I believe in the power of positivity and the ability to promote change. My work delves into that power to choose, to respond and to change.” – Laurie Doran
June Show:
It seems we are all living in a fast paced life is in which time for ourselves , for our loved ones, for introspection for the things which brings meaning to life is fleeting. This work, organized in small collections explores the captured moments when we pause to see the beauty of simplicity. The subject as diverse as random observations, where ever the wheel of life may stop for just a moment.  Allowing the sublime to seep in to the soul for a moment of peace, of presence, of connection.
The media reflects the same urgency to record whether it be iPad or oil, board or paper, realistic or abstract, it reflects the desperate need to stop  and be present in the making. It is the artists desire that the work may bring respite, peace and joy to the viewer. That they may also stop and get lost in color, line, the image; recalling the simplicity in life.

José Sevillano finds photographic moments everywhere in life. A ramble in the woods, a derelict building or strangers on the streets.  He hardly ever photographs an object, a face or a scene.  His photos are not of something in particular but about something.  He hopes to evoke a captivating emotion that will speak to the viewer.


Seeing in ThreesA Conversation among photographs.
This show’s concept stems from Brooks Jensen’s idea of developing a photographic story line or theme within a group of six photographs.  In my groupings, and between them, the viewer is invited to draw connections and parallelisms that go beyond the obvious, i.e. the photograph of a particular object or scene.  From the animate to the architectural, the monochrome to the floral, Seeing in Threes seeks to keep the observer engaged in the art of photography.