MAC Gallery Exhibits

MAC Gallery Exhibition Calendar

October 2021 (October 8 – November 7):

  • PhotoEx Virtual Exhibit
  • MAC Gallery Artists Exhibit
  • Mike Berman Memorial Exhibit

November 2021 (November 12 – December 5) – Laurie Doran, Matiko Mamaladze, Charley Parker, and Shannan McConnell

Reception: Saturday, November 13, 4-7pm

December 2021 (December 10) – HOLIDAY EXHIBITION

Reception: Saturday, December 11, 4-7pm


January: Amelia Cain and Diane Mont

February: Carrie Barcomb, Shannan McConnell

March: Cheryl Schlenker, Merle Weismer

April: Patricia Danzon, José Sevillano, RickPrieur

May: Open Juried Painting Show

June: MAC Artists’ Past and Present Special 15th Anniversary Display

July: TBA

August: Leslie Hubbard

September: Diane Mont,  Matiko Mamaladze

October: PhotoEx 2022

November: Laurie Doran,  Amelia Cain, Charley Parker

December: Holiday Sale