March 2015 Exhibition: Rose Tree Media School District Art Teachers

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Exhibit Details:
March  Rose Tree Media Opening Reception
Saturday, March 14, 2015 4-6pm
Exhibit: 3/12/2015-4/3/2015
Thursdays & Fridays 2-5pm, Saturdays 11am-2pm

Rose Tree Media School District has a group of very talented artists who teach art. The quality and variety of their work is impressive. Their work covers a wide range of media and styles.

Meg Barney, Rose Tree Elementary School, gives an overview of the exhibit and teaching art.

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“The artworks selected for this exhibition represent a cross section of the wide variety of subjects and materials with which an art educator must be familiar in order to teach art. Whether the medium is fibers or watercolor, whether the subject is real or imaginary, the resulting artworks symbolically represent the diversity found in the teaching experience, with all its nuances, adventures, opportunities, and rewards”.




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Sharon Noel Prior, Springton Lake Middle School
6th, 7th, & 8th grade art

Exploration of mixed media, drawing, and photography has been at the root of my art for the past several years. The many facets of my life have influenced the subject matter including location, circumstance, and influence of job, family, society, technology, education, and, of course, chickens. Some work is purely based on surface aesthetics, while other pieces have layers of meaning salted with my sense of humor.



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Meghan Doherty
Student Teacher at Rose Tree Elementary & Penncrest High School

My oil landscape paintings express my experiences, and upbringing, around the scenic Delaware River. Influenced by the quiet fields, and the evening light, I try to capture the moments where I felt complete peace, so that others may feel the same when they first see my work. My other works often illustrate the individuals and critters that I have met throughout my life.


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Nancy E. Going, Springton Lake Middle School
6th, 7th and 8th grade Art Class
“My passion has always been with pastel and a simple subject, enjoying the beauty around me and even finding the perfect picture in my own backyard or sitting on the kitchen counter. I love the layering of the material and the richness of the color that pastels create, as well as the fun of getting my hands pretty filthy every time! Of course, in the world of art, anything is fair game. I’m always up for a challenge, while continuing to experiment and grow.”




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Keith Sharp, Glenwood Elementary
Elementary Art
“As an artist, I attempt to create mysterious, subtle, and poetic images that cause the viewer to do a double take. By transforming the ordinary world around me, I create images that play tricks on our perception while at the same time question our acceptance of photographic truth.When I begin a series, I focus in on a specific concept or idea; then I create sketches of how I envision those ideas would come to life.”



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Concetta Mattioni, Penncrest High School
Drawing, Painting, Art II, Art III, and Portfolio Preparation

The work I create is inspired by nature, my travels, and the people around me. My watercolor flowers are characterized by bright colors accented by lyrical white lines that are expressive in nature. My charcoal animal drawings are characterized by strong contrast between light and dark and a desire to capture the essence of the animal.



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Michele Kania, Penncrest High School
Art Major I, Metalwork & Jewelry, Painting, Mixed Media

The majority of my work involves portraits of both humans and animals. I enjoy capturing the individuality and personality of my subjects and strive to portray the true essence of the individual. I love seeing the reaction of the buyer when I reveal the final product.







Karen Wilkinson Bellamy, Media Elementary School
Grades 1-5
“As a public school teacher, I am driven to help all children gain access to the information and materials they need to develop visual literacy including observational and critical-thinking skills. Through exposure to various artists, cultures, and media, I hope to spark the children’s interest in visual art and ignite a lifelong appreciation for it. I want all of my students to feel empowered and confident in their ability to learn, and I hope that they will enjoy the journey. Every child is an artist!”

Katie Devine, Indian Lane Elementary School
“My work is entitled “Summer Morning.” I enjoy painting outdoors. This image depicts a pastel study of a plant from Chanticleer Gardens.”

Emily Kelley, Penncrest High School
“Ceramics has long been my passion and having the opportunity to teach it full time has re-inspired my work. I like to explore more functional pottery and am currently interested in layering under glaze patterns with translucent glazes.”