November 2018 Exhibition: Carrie Barcomb and José Sevillano

Caitlin McMahon 2nd Saturday Archive, Exhibit News

Opening Reception:
Saturday, November 10th

Exhibit Dates:
November 9th – December 1st

MAC Gallery
609-B w. State St. Media, PA
Friday and Saturday, 4-7pm, Sunday 12-3pm


Carrie Barcomb

“Fine artist Carrie Barcomb allows nature to serve as muse, gliding her brush strokes to capture landscapes lying in wait for interpretation. Raised alongside waterways near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, she grew up understanding the stillness of the landscape and the tranquility and stability it offered juxtaposed with the transitory footprint of humanity.

Inspired by travel, her plein-air studies cover the scenic Adirondack Mountains to the rocky barriers of coastal Maine in addition to meanderings through the bucolic countryside of Brandywine Valley.  “I’ve explored Ring Farm for the past three years, says Carrie. “It’s history serving as inspiration for artistic freedom. I’m drawn to the gentle hills that offer sweeping views, allowing me to record dynamic clouds and shadows slinking across the fields. I try to evoke this sense of movement in my work. Whether exploring a farm or the forests of upstate New York, there is always something new to discover in the ever-changing color of the seasons.”

Carrie works primarily in oils, but she has recently begun enriching her palette using environmentally friendly milk paint, also referred to as “buttermilk colors” traditionally used to protect barn walls and decorate furniture – “I enjoy its gentle tones and velvety surface.”

Carrie honed her talent and studied at Maryland Institute, College of Art where she earned her fine arts degree. After graduating, Ms. Barcomb utilized her skills as a technical illustrator and art director.  Carrie is a local artist and lives in Media with her husband and four children.”

Rande Styger, Darlington Arts Center


José Sevillano

In the last 12months,I have had the opportunity to travel to destinations far and close. The photographs in this show are a small glimpse of what I encountered.

As an observer, I attempted to capture some of the well-known as well as less familiar features of these different locations.

In Central Park, I came across a singular weather phenomenon: melting snow, condensation that turned in to a wet fog a few feet above ground… The rest, people, umbrellas, and New York City.

In Costa Rica, a beach, islands in the distance and long exposures. The hanging bridges in the rainforest, another umbrella and a two-hundred-and-fifthieth of a second later, time frozen forever. Are-eyed tree frog or a hummingbird, the colorful flora and fauna of a unique place.

In Spain, its people, a kiss, ascending or descending steps. Street life defines a country and its tradition.

Back in the USA, this time in Nature, waterfalls, water moves, water carves its path in a never-ending cycle that creates magical contours. The ever so subtle intimations of a tender, fully formed flower in bluish tones.

As always, these photographs are not so much of people and places but, hopefully, about people, places and whatever is evoked in the viewer’s eye and mind. – José Sevillano