Traffic Calming Project

The project is a trial run of one of the Media Traffic Calming Plan’s recommendations to include street art as a traffic-slowing feature. Media Arts Council and MAC Gallery Artist Carrie Barcomb worked with the Borough to choose a beautiful design, and the Media community was on hand September 25th, 2021 for painting.

Go and see the mural at the intersection of Third and Jackson Sts, Media.

Project Committee Members

Carrie Barcomb, Art Director and Designer
Lisa Johnson, Media Borough Council
Karen Taussig-Lux, Media Borough Staff
Mike Green, Media Public Works Director
Sari Steuber, Director, Transition Town Media; Media Open Streets
Greg Krykewycz, Media Borough EAC; Media Open Streets
Addie Ciannella, Media Open Streets
Stephanie Sher, President, Media Arts Council
Liz McClearn, Executive Director, Media Arts Council


Aaron Cohn, Adrienne Robson, Amber & Vic Williams, Cas Castellano, Claire Brill, Diane Horan, Ellen Morfei, Emily Hayes, Grace Gong, Greg Gephart, Hannah Jarvis, Joi Washington, Kaia Leslie, Kairavi Kulkarni, karen ashbach, Karla Shafer, Katie Kenyon, Kelsey Stanton Murphy, Kristen Mahler, Labiba Russo, Mark Paikoff, Rachel and Eliana, Rachel Speer, Sara Kolecki, Scott Wittman, Sebastian Dupre, Sophia & Salvatore DeVito, Stacy Olkowski, Sue Hoffmann, Suzanne Barton, Sylvie Hoffmann, Tom Rupnicki, Vivian Williams, Winnie Zeng