September 2018 Exhibition: Laurie Doran, Matiko Mamaladze, and Rick Prieur

M.A.C. Team Exhibit News

Opening Reception:
Saturday, September 8th

Exhibit Dates:
September 7th – October 7th

MAC Gallery
609-B w. State St. Media, PA
Friday and Saturday, 4-7pm, Sunday 12-3pm


In September the MAC Gallery will present a group exhibit featuring new works by three of their talented gallery artists.  “Realistic Fiction” as interpreted by painters Matiko Mamaladze and Laurie Doran and photographer Rick Prieur will run from September 7th to October 7th.

The exhibition features artist as storyteller, at the intersection of fact and fiction.  For Matiko Mamaladze, painting is emotions, colors, and moods stirring the soul.  She feels it, breathes it, dreams it, and finds herself in it.  Her works are enchanting on many levels; they depict beautiful, emotionally vivid stories, played out by characters that masterfully draw empathy from the viewer.  Even when she isn’t holding a palette and brush (or just as often, a palette knife), Matiko is immersed in her unique perception of the world, a perception that almost always finds its way onto her canvases.

Rick Prieur is a keen observer of life and circumstances.  In his words, “I see it, shoot it and hope for the best,” but that is only the beginning.  Prieur’s work is full of allegory and humor.  Carefully orchestrated shots beg you to ask, is this real or a digital manipulation? A master of both, Prieur compels the viewer to enter the story, carefully noticing the details to get a sense of truth.

Laurie Doran perhaps bridges the two with her colorful paintings abstracted from nature, bringing together the tradition of skillful drawing, color, and composition, all informed by photography and digital media.  Both iPad and canvas offer a place of play where thoughts can germinate and spring.  In one sense the work allows her to make sense of the ebb and flow of life.  In another, it empowers the artist to present new possibilities and a fresh/colorful way of looking at things.  In each artist, you will discover that reality is the meeting point for fact, fiction, and fantasy.