Shannan McConnell

a Philadelphia area artist where she creates her art, and works to curate a beautiful life.

Shannan McConnell

Painting, Photography

Shannan McConnell is an artist and mother residing in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Her work evokes a quietness and stillness of nature and in abstractions of urban landscapes. The layering of oil paint creates visual interest on the surface and allows the viewer to explore and challenge the planar relationships of a 3 dimensional space and the 2 dimensional surface of the canvas.

“Although I have moved from abstraction to figurative work and back again, my hope is that overall the viewer feels the sense of quietness and stillness that Rothko and others referred to as the sublime or as I like to think of the Reverence of Landscape or the Holiness of solitude or something along those lines. I mean aren’t we all working on it.”

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